Mayor Gue vows to continue his programs after getting a new term

SUGAR CAPITAL OF MINDANAO- The tandem of incumbent Mayor Gregorio LlorenGue and businessman Pablo Lorenzo III makes it as predicted, and the Vote Counting Machine (VCM) results being certified by the municipal board of canvassers is a living proof.

            Mayor Gue, who have been noted as visionary political leader in Southern Bukidnon,

vows his full commitment by continuing the plans and government programs under his

stewardship, making Quezon town to be more progressive.

            Many believed that under the Gue and Lorenzo III leaderships, more innovations,

government services and programs will be implemented at the different levels.

            With Lorenzo’s III capacity that will steer the Sangguniang Bayan as presiding officer, some concern sectors say a lots of things will happen and its changes would be possible, knowing of his intellect in management as a businessman.

            Lorenzo III is the Chairman and President of the country’s second largest sugar

planters group-Associated Bukidnon Sugarcane Farmers Inc.-Associated Bukidnon

Sugarcane Framers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ABSFI-ABSFMPC) with more than 5,000

sugarcane planter members.

            Mayor Gue is a living legacy for his tangible accomplishments and achievements, who is dubbed by a Cagayan de Oro-based tabloid as MAN WITH VISION.

            He is the instrumental in transforming the physical landscape of Quezon into a

bustling municipality. For his incessant personal follow up with different national offices in Manila, and even Malacanang, the Sugar Capital in Mindanao was able get a huge share of the budget pie for the concreting of Busco-Poblacion road.

            He is the prime mover for the Puntian-White Kulaman of Kitaotao-Arakan, North

Cotabato road network, after the adoption and approval of a joint resolution by the said municipalities intended for the interior development.

            Others projects and developments have already been secured, and the continuance of his plan is the most awaited part of his tandem with Vice Mayor Pablo Lorenzo III.

            Mayor Gue of BukidnonPaglaum Party obtained 22,719 votes in 92 precincts during

the May 9 elections and Vice Mayor Lorenzo III got 22,315 votes.

Re-elected Quezon town Mayor Gregorio Lloren Gue was proclaimed as the official winner by the Municipal Board of Canvassers. With him is town first lady Carmen Capistrano Gue, MBOC officer- Quezon treasurer Melencio Melgazo, Comelec officer Reinero Niese and Alexander Cepeda of the DepEd. At right is businessman Pablo Lorenzo III who won as the Vice Mayor.  PHOTO BY NATANIEL REMULTA
image5OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION OF QUEZON TOWN OFFICIALS: L-R: Councilor-elect Rey Baguio, reelected Councilors Myrna Repalda, Corazon Baculina, Councilor-elect Flor Perpetua, former Vice Mayor now Councilor-elect Joseph Durotan, Vice Mayor-elect Pablo Lorenzo III, re-elected Mayor  Gregorio LlorenGue, Comelec Officer Reinero Niese, former Mayor now Councilor-elect Stewart Leonardo and Councilor-elect Dr. David Pahilan.



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