Quezon ends nutrition month with various activities, winners feted

Carmen Gue
Lorenzo III

SUGAR CAPITAL OF MINDANAO- The National Nutrition Council (NNC) challenges every
Filipino from all walks of life to make a healthy diet a lifetime habit.
The NNC is once again celebrating the nationwide Nutrition Month this year with
the theme: Healthy Diet Gawing Habit-FOR LIFE’.’
And the personnel of LGU Quezon thru the municipal nutrition office, is doing the no
nonsense job in reaching the far flung barrios just to promote proper nutrition.
Through its visionary political stalwart in Southern Bukidnon Mayor Gregorio
Lloren Gue, the nutrition program in the town is successfully implemented.
Yes, it is true that curving malnutrition rate is not an easy task. It needs a
multisectoral solution due to its multifactorial problem.
In Quezon, the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) play a vital role in helping the 31
barangays in monitoring the nutritional status of children as well the mothers.
The BNS basic tasks is to locate and identify malnourished children through a
community survey.
This involves weighing of all preschoolers and interviewing mothers to determine
how their child is cared for, and the resources available in the family for their participation
in nutrition-related interventions, the NNC journal says.

With the pro-active leadership and support of Mayor Gue for the nutrition program, BNS
scholars have good linkages in the community in administering the program in cooperation
with the LGU Quezon.
The NNC says a total of 19,527 BNSs are deployed in 593 municipalities covering a
total of 16,177 barangays nationwide. These BNSs are under the supervision of 259
district/city nutrition program coordinators.
agricultural office by allocating funds to be used in providing free vegetable seeds
and fertilizer in promotion of the backyard gardening.

This kind of a simple intervention for the barangay is a one way of radiating the earnest
desire of the local government unit of Quezon in helping the constituents by planting

Vegetables are high in nutrients and minerals for the human body which is cheap and
affordable. It has nutrition values especially to the mothers are breastfeeding their

Aside from this, the Botika ng Barangay is also implemented where a little pharmacy
established in the different barangays.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Department of Health  (DOH) and LGU Quezon,
Botika ng Barangay is a great help to the people of far flung barrios where the little
pharmacy are strategically located.

Mayor Gue said this approach is a great help to the people because they don’t need to go
down in the Poblacion where drugstores are selling different medicines.

Botika ng Barangay is also selling different medicines at cheaper price because it is
procured by the government.

Being an identified as center of child labor in the province due the vast sugarcane
plantations, Mayor Gue never neglected the importance of education among the youth
especially to the indigenous people.

Mayor Gue through his efforts, with support from local officials and the private sector,
Department of Education, International Labor Organization and other stakeholders, had
established secondary and elementary schools in a Manobo dominated area.

Gue believed that Lumads young people deserve the government’s services by providing an
education program, and the school that situated at Quimtras in Butong, Quezon is a clear
manifestation that the government and the rest of stakeholders are concerned much about
the plight of the less fortunate minority.
LGU Quezon continues its assistance of education program for the deserving students.

An assessment of barangay nutrition program by the Nutrition Task Force in the town’s 31
barangays Quezon is an unforgettable experience, especially in the far flung areas as it was
done rain or shine.

The town Nutrition Task Force evaluated the 31 barangays concerning the nutrition status
of their constituents.

On the 43 rd  Nutrition Month culmination rites, Vice Mayor Pablo Lorenzo III cited the
importance of the nutrition among the children as an investment for the future.

Aside from education as a tool in achieving its target and goals, Vice Mayor Lorenzo III said
that nutrition is much important.

In the past 10 years, the malnutrition rate in Quezon went as high as 19% but the figure
dramatically dropped into 7% this year, Pablo Lorenzo III announced.

The figure has been consistently maintained until this year and Lorenzo III added, with the
drastic drop of malnutrition rate in the town, it would be easy to target and identify the rest
of the family in the different barangays.

Aside from malnutrition, it is also better to check the grossly fat among the adults because
obesity is also a health problem, the Vice Mayor pointed out.

Lorenzo III encouraged the residents to minimize the rice intake because it causes obesity
and diabetes problem.

It is much important that the people and officials are in good shape so that Quezon would
be a healthy town, he said.

Town first lady Carmen Capistrano Gue acknowledges the efforts of the Nutrition Task
Force for making the series of schedule evaluation a success.

She hopes that with this year’s experience, there will be lots of lessons to learn, adding
there is a better way in curving malnutrition by doing the good practices in every home.

LGU Quezon is a consistent and able to maintain its national nutrition title-Nutrition Honor
Award (NHA) until now, said Perlita Danlag, municipal agricultural officer.

She added that with the strong linkage and coordination from barangays and the strong
support of Mayor Gue, the nutrition program in Quezon is successful.
OIC Municipal Health officer Dr. Carla Mae Camarinta cited the significant of celebrating the
Nutrition Month as it will increase public awareness on nutrition practices.

This year, Zumba dance was introduced as best exercise and the ‘’Pinggan Pinoy’’  (table
plate for Filipino) where nutrition values in every home should be observed and practiced,
Dr. Camarinta said.

It’s been a best practice by the municipal nutrition council to have a competition among the
31 barangays in a dance, jingle contest and the search for healthy baby and mommy.

Dr. Camarainta added that with the active participation of barangay people, this is a great
indicator that Quezon pushes for a healthy living lifestyle.

With the good nutrition practices, Quezon town will have a productive and healthy
community specially that a healthy diet is a foundation of good health, she added.

Joining in the electric mood for modifying Zumba dance, jingle contest and search for the
healthy baby and mommy are the qualifiers and selected groups from among the 31

Casting their electrifying performance and winning for the modifying Zumba dance goes to
(category A) Libertad-1 st  , Kiburiao 2 nd  and Poblacion 3rd place, (category B)-Sta Cruz-1 st ,
Paitan-2 nd  and Delapa-3 rd , (category C)- Palacapao-1 st  and San Roque got 2 nd .

For the nutrition jingle contest; Delapa won the title, Poblacion-2 nd , Lumintao-3 rd , Paitan-
4 th  and 5 th  for Cawayan

For healthy baby won by Zachary Noah Plania (Manuto), Clent Lon Tangkilan (Cebole), AJ
Gumanban (Sta Cruz) Rex James Coringao (Salawagan) and Rhea Joy dela Pena (Poblacion).

The 43 rd  nutrition month celebrations in Quezon town ended up as a successful and
memorable experience.


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